Safely split all types of webbed cables – Composite fiber cables, Fiber composite drops, Aerial self-supporting “Fiber &Copper”, CATV cables Self-Supporting Hard-line feeder to coaxial drop. Splits without risking over bending the fiber – which causes long term fiber degradation due to micro cracks. Quickly splits both long and short lengths – split cables as fast as you pull it through the self guiding SafeSplit tool.

Splits over 100 different webbed cables including:

  • Composite Fiber Cable – up to 48 fiber feeder cable
  • Fiber Composite drops – as small as 2 fiber drops
  • Self-Supporting copper cables – from 6pair drop to 300pair cable including any size fiber.
  • CATV Cables – from self-supporting hard-line feeder to coaxial drop.

How it works. The tool is designed to guide the cable so that the web aligns with the wire cutter. The wire cutter will automatically take the path of least resistance – the web – and will automatically resist cutting into the cables protective layers.