Reduces installation costs → Saves time on the job site

Typical FTTx junction points require stripping 50’ of composite fiber. Depending on the situation this will take from 5 to 10 min per cable. The SafeSplit tool completes this operation in as little as 10 seconds per cable.

Prevents future cable failures → Stops unreported cuts in fiber cables

The long term effects of water absorption by fiber and copper are well understood. The SafeSpilt tool protects and operates against this problem by virtually eliminating the common problem of cutting into the fiber or coppers protective layers. SafeSplit protects your cables warranty!

Improves job site safety → Eliminates the need to use a blade in awkward situations

The SafeSplit tool relies on the self guiding wire to do the cutting. Web cutting often involves awkward positions, either overhead of below your feet, causing a significant safety issue for the technician. The SafeSplit eliminates the risk of injury and also eliminates the need to use a blade in almost all situations. SafeSplit improves job site safety!